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Campus News.

We are a news and advertisement agency that focuses on students news across different campuses in the country. We through our highly organised system, channels and teams, source and report vital news for university students and also help bring these news directly to them.

Why us?

Most important news for students get unread by students. One of the biggest reasons being that most news sites for students are not easily accessible by students because most students do not even know these sites. Hence, Campus News.

Campus News is a news agency that brings students news directly to your phones. We eliminate the drudgery of you surfing the news you need, we bring it directly to you via our several channels which include social media, website and an application in view.



Team Members


Working Units


Our Story
  • 2019

    Campus News was launched in University of Ibadan (UI) in December 2019. We grew from a staff of 1 to 4 in 2019 and before the end of the year we had published 9 news content with a total of 1000+ viewers across the University of Ibadan largely.

  • 2020

    In 2020, we grew from a staff of 4 to 8, and then to 19. As of the moment, we currently have a site hit tally of over 50,000, still operating solely in the University of Ibadan.

  • The Future

    We are looking to be the foremost news agency across university campuses. We are eager to bring our value to other campuses, helping them bring their relevant local campus news, and also student and campus specific advertisements and promotions directly to their phones. We seek to get established well enough first in the University of Ibadan, our minimum viable product, after which we will spread out systematically to other campuses.


To provide legitimate news as it bothers students in individual university campuses.

To provide local campuses with news from other university campuses so as to acquaint each local university campus with important happenings in other campuses.

To help contribute towards societal development, using news as a tool to achieve this, especially within student societies.

Our Values

Legitimacy in reporting news


Promptness with news updates

Value Oriented

Innovative approach towards news reporting and other services rendering

Creativity with content reporting and other activities



Join Us!

We Would like to partner with your firm or with you as a corporate individual if your firm or your skill matches with what we are looking at. We want to meet you and do business with you.