_The Massacre and Unjust Killings of EndSARS Protesters_

The Students’ Union of the University of Ibadan expressly condemns the killings of our fellow Nigerian youths protesting against police and SARS brutality by the security operatives. The killings on Tuesday, 20th October, 2020, is a sign that we have lost democracy long before now, even while we pretend to practice it.

Peaceful protests are legal and a democratic way of criticizing unwelcome policies and institutional actions. These demonstrations are the only weapons of the people against high-handedness. The Nigerian youths and students are tired of the conditions of things in the country. We experience difficulties in every sector in Nigeria, yet we get paid with killings, harassment and brutality. All these only point to bad governance in the country and every institution.

While we remain resolute that this is a fight to finish and the only hope for a revolution in order to give birth to the Nigeria we desire, we urge all Nigerian youth not to panic, but be strong. We advise all our students not to participate in any protest at dangerous hotspots any longer and to put more energy in online movement and awareness until it is safe to go to the streets. To fellow Nigerians that can still go on with protest, we laud your courage and we plead that you be on the lookout.

The Union uses this opportunity to urge all international bodies and well-meaning individuals to intervene in this matter as soon as possible. Also all relevant local authorities are begged to take a redress and handle current situation before getting out of hands.

Finally, the Union pays last respect to all lives lost before and during the movement. The movement is the only means to the end we deserve and we give our support to a better Nigeria. We hope for a better Nigeria and the Union believes that this is just the beginning.


#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernance #StopNigerianGovernment

Akeju G. Olusegun
President, University of Ibadan Students’ Union

Oladeji Olawunmi Abiodun
Public Relations Officer, University of Ibadan Students’ Union

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