Veterinary Surgeons Rescue 20kg Nile crocodile at UI Zoo

In the early hours of 6th October, 2020, around 11:00am, was an agog atmosphere at the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden.

The incident which happened yesterday, 5th October when the zookeeper on duty noticed a prolapse i.e (protrusion of an internal organ) on a 20kg Nile crocodile and called the attention of a veterinarian.

After the notification, the veterinarian, Dr. Abiola, immediately informed the Veterinary Surgery department. In order to swiftly attend to the case, a team comprising of gifted hands from the department of Surgery went to UI Zoo and performed a surgery on the crocodile.

The chief surgeon, Dr. Eyarefe, who was assisted by a veterinary anaesthesiologist, Dr. Oguntoye and some veterinary medical students emphasized the urgent need for the intervention, admitting the fact that if the surgery had been delayed further, an ulceration would have occurred and complicated the entire issue due to the proximity of the injured area to the ground.

Sequel to the reparative intervention of the veterinary surgeons, the crocodile is fast recuperating as the protruded rectal area had been returned. A pulse string suture was used for the surgery to prevent reoccurrence.

University of Ibadan Zoological Garden

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