Baluba kingdom & Covid-19 transformation.

Nnamdi Azikwe Hall, also known as the Baluba Republic, as stated by its inhabitants has been a stress-saver for students that occupy halls of residence located at the outskirts of the environs.

Let’s find out how Covid-19 helped transform this hall of residence and her lapses.
Shall we…?

Can you still remember those times you had to go through tech-road to reach your hall of residence due to the fear of snakes and reptiles that might be crawling through the ‘Zik hall river bush?’

Or those times you got scared of going through Zik Hall River at night to avoid ‘stories that touch’?

To my dearest UItes, I am sure Zik Hall is your best bet across from Art, Science, Vet and various lecture theatres and faculties to your respective halls of residence.

I am glad to announce to you, the God of UI welfare has heard our cries and decided to ease our pains. Now, our fears should be minimal and major worries wiped off as the University of Ibadan created a “3rd Mainland Bridge” over the famous Zik River.

We do hope this innovation helps to converge students from their respective halls [to and fro] easily easing the phobia of snakes, reptiles and different hazardous materials that may waylay their path.

That will be all on today’s episode of “GIST-OUT WITH CAMPUS NEWS UI”, hope you join us on other sessions and tell your friends (UItes and non-UItes) about this wonderful segment.

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