10 different people & how they celebrate their BIRTHDAY in Nigeria 😂😂😂


1. The WATER BAPTISMAL celebrant

These one mostly happens at hostels…. As you turn +1 them must baptize you with water. Just pray say no be “gutter water or urine”

2. The yahoo boys & Runs Girls

Set awon “Opor yea yea”…. Eez plenty! Once it’s these one birthday,Snapchat will suffer… club will turn upside down… some go even enter debts cos of birthday, just to show off oo.

3. The studio pics geng

Awon slay mamaaaaaaa!!!!! They’ll carry their squad to goan take birthday pics. Some will even buy aso ebi so that all their clothes will rhyme… for just birthday ooh 😂😂

4. The thinkers

These ones will spend the whole day being sad about them getting older too quick and suffering from unnecessary anxiety!

5. The Givers

These ones like to give which is really good… The only p be say, small 5 cartons of indomie that these ones will carry and go they’ll start stressing those kids & their guardians for group pictures.

6. The Saxophone Victim

Set awon “awwwwnnn kiss”….. small birthday, be blowing saxophone, like it’s time for the second coming.

7. The Billing Squad.

These ones ehn, on their birthday they’ll start acting like they’re they’re the one ‘governing lagos’… they wantu “TAX EVERYBODY”… Using birthday to do banbiala

8. The Plenty wishes No Gift

Most common way of celebrating birthdays these days… PLENTY NOTIFICATIONS & Zero gifts. Some people will still abbreviate the wishes “HBD, LLNP, GGMUB…”
Nawa ooh. Naso you stingy with wishes too? �‍♂️

Here’s a rare picture of the The Wishes Vs The Gifts

9. The Ones that forget

These ones don’t even remember.. Na people Dey help them remember.


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Reference: copied from @dj_peejay (Twitter)

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