Nigeria’s Health, Education Sector Exposed

Comrade Ayuba Wabba, the President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), said the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the stones left unturned in Nigeria’s education and health sectors.

He made the statement while speaking to journalists at an award ceremony organised by the Ethics Resource Center earlier this month.

The NLC boss, who requested for an increase in the quota going to the health and education sectors, said the sectors are potential drivers of development across the world.

He declared: “COVID -19 has exposed the challenges in the two critical sectors of our economy and those sectors actually shape development everywhere around the world – health and education sector.

“Therefore we need more investments in education and health. Our people need to be healthy for them to be productive. If we don’t do this, then certainly all the seventeen goals of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) will be difficult to achieve.”

Comrade Wabba, in an ending note, said the labour leaders in Nigeria need a new approach to tackle emerging challenges during work.

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