U.S. University Opens Special Admission Opportunity to Nigerian Students.

The University of Arizona has made a partnership with Leadspace, Lagos to offer Nigerians the opportunity to study various programs from here in Nigeria. In a statement, University of Arizona president, Robert Robbins, stated that the initiative is a bid to tackle the restriction of movement of international students caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The programs available include various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

In his statement, the CEO of Leadspace, Taiwo Ajetunmobi, expressed his delight over the introduction of such a timely, flexible and high quality education opportunity to millions of young Nigerian students seeking world class University education. He also stated that students that enrolled would get access to comfortable learning spaces accross the country and they could get a scholarship.

The University of Arizona Global Campus Initiative helps international students to pursue their U.S. degree wherever they are in the world. It’s enrollment counselors creates customized plans with flexible and affordable options for individual students. The partnership with Leadspace had helped to bring the University’s Global Campus Initiative to Nigeria. This affords Nigerian students to pursue a degree- undergraduate or postgraduate- from the University of Arizona without leaving the country.

In line with the Global Campus Initiative for international students, the University of Arizona in partnership with Leadspace, Nigeria has ooened admission portals for interested candidates. Some of the undergraduate courses available include Law, Psychology, Public health, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Business administration. The university also offers post-graduate degree programs.

Prospective students in Nigeria seeking to apply for Fall (August) 2020 session can do so now by visiting http://www.theleadspace.co/arizona. Registration deadline is 8th August 2020. For more information, contact Leadspace on +2347061006794 or via email at arizona@theleadspace.co

CNUI Journalism Team

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