COVID-19: A Passed Mark Or More For Africa…

Truly, in the time past, many countries had tested their strength, and, still have in the field of science. How science has put myriads of smiles to everyone’s face cannot be written off. Science is about a daily update.

It is a good news that Madagascar developed an herbal mixture. Indeed, such is a good testimony that this continent would still bounce perhaps to catch up with the global influencers in the field of medicine, especially in pharmacology. However, in a recent talk on why the global renowned organization, WHO, fails to approve this herbal mixture to fight against pandemic disease, COVID-19, is logical. It is high time Africa flown with the rests of the world by putting science in a formal way. The truth, in this regard, is that nothing like African way. In the path we see in science, science is universal. Sic, universality commands science.

The story about traditional medicine is this and even that should be a basis for an achievement, because mediocrity should not be our celebration in this continent. How western drug is being tested wherein it also has its side effect; then, affirming the fact the local medicine otherwise known as herbal mixture won’t have side effect does not hold water. The idea is logical though. Nothing that humans consume are perfect. We fail to understand that, at times, even not most times, our herbal product that treats malaria might develop another symptoms in the body. Once one goes, another one comes in. The herbal product contains a substance called Alkaloid. And, alkaloid contains heterocyclic base. The consequent effects of alkaloid are itching, psychosis, vomiting, sudden death etc.

Confessedly, ranting on social media that the advanced countries despise Africa — especially in the angle of new discovery or development, or adduce that nothing good can come from Africa, is unscientific. The good news is that we have something to show for in the global enterprise, now, the need as the next phase is to speak to it — scientifically. In those days, there were herbal products and people became healed. Contrarily, herbal mixture without the massive scientific development, failed to bid goodbye to stillbirth. Funnily enough, the impact of scientific development convincingly revealed the historicity behind genotype which fore fathers thought it was an agent of spirituality at motion. Africans cannot sleep and wake up to the understanding that one corner in Europe is the reason why they have not move forward. Yet, this is not to say we are not felt globally in different realms though but the truth, in this way, is that we need to stop these hypes over little things we do that are not tailored towards science and its universality. We should not be allowing the global influencers to think for us—thinking for us over finance, development etc would not shape us rightly and tightly. This is a digital age wherein every country is busy and advancing speedily and failing to settle for less, Africa should not wake up to the reality that seems to be backdated to medieval ages. Really terrible! Time is really going.

By: ‘Tola Onike

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