Far years ago that I wasn’t born
Then was a man whom burden was upon
Which had an interference in human race today
Oh! he gave us the hope of today
And the moment we have now

The country he came from was significant,
Still after exploration to other cities
He went, he wasn’t glorified returning to his native city
This baffled him greatly
That the people do not know well

Across many cities he did mighty works
Some said many things if he was a saviour
Or even a powerful magician
After all, he didn’t deny anyone
Who came to ask from him
Who he was and his mission

Many a times would he go to the
Mountain and far away
To remember his creator

There he pleaded for us for redemption
And for our richness to his poorness
This! He was inflicted with our
Transgressions and plain inequity
For our survival in him.

Our propitiation of our belief in him
Is what he covered with his blood
Shed on the crucifixion cross
By this, he gave himself a ransom
For our blemishes to glory

But we forget that man
And crave for the man_made
Rather than the heaven made
It will be right to right our ways
And turn our hearts to him
In discovery of things precious he has made for us
And in him we got freed from our worries


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