It would have been a lovely Tuesday but this Tuesday began on a bad note. I hadn’t even woken up when I saw myself in the midst of three hefty men. I wondered what I was doing there. I could have simply taken them to be friends but for the fact that my hands were tied. My knuckles were bleeding. Oh what a transition! Just last night I was with some really small statured friends from back-in-the-days. We had fun while creating our own world. The Federal Government had ordered a stay-at-home, yet we were confident that just like in high school days, such orders were not meant for us. Even when the hostel prefect would shout “lights out,” our night just begun.
So, there we were with drinks, in a park, fully kitted with hand gloves and of course hand sanitizers, and chickens. We talked about our lofty dreams with sternness on our faces, but never forgot to laugh. “Oh, after this lockdown, I’m going to rock n roll,” that was Prisca’s only consolation for this compulsory break. I didn’t have anything to worry about. I loved to live life naturally. Yes, I had dreams too, but only if nature would permit those dreams.
In a split-second, those dreams faded away. I guess it was nature’s way of saying “not permitted.” I have never experienced kidnapping before, or perhaps “adult-napping” because I wasn’t a kid anymore, if that makes sense. All I could think of was how to get the hell out of this confined situation. How I could break loose. How I could beat these hefty goons. This was unlike the heroics of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. This was a real life situation. Ask me to request for a birthday gift and I’ll waste no time in requesting for an action-filled novel. That was me. Maybe I could apply some of the wave here.
For the first time in a long time I summoned the courage and said without fear or favor, cold feet or hotness of heart, “not today, not any day, not now.” For when death comes knocking, what do you say to the God of death? Just then, I struggled to break free from my chains and noticed that not one of them looked me in the face. In less than a second, I was out, out of the dream world.

By – Seyi Babs
(Winner, IWH Competition – Flash Fiction Category)

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