SSANU/NASU leaders affirmed today Monday 24 February 2020 that the strike still continues.

In another Congress which held today at the University of Ibadan gate, while addressing the Congress, SSANU Chairman explained that nothing has changed and that the struggle continues. He further explained that the union will never sign any agreement unless the Congress is in support.

Among the issues strengthening the Industrial action is the Issue of Integrated Payroll personal information system (IPPIS) , Earning Allowance (EA) and Staff school.

He concluded by saying “as long as they don’t call us, continue to enjoy your strike” moreover “the staff school issue must be settled now”
NASU UI chairman also pointed out that ” one thing I will not like is to meet you in your offices” people in veterinary medicine should be careful, also if you are a staff in post graduate school be careful as well.
“You can go to your house or hang around but you must not go to your office”

However, some members of the Congress were dissatisfied with the conclusions of the Union leaders, saying that all roads should be blocked including the main gate because the strike is 3weeks already and no effect.

The Congress was then adjourned to Wednesday 26th February 2020.

By Temitayo Ojediran (Herald)

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