7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Kobe Bryant.

Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant and one of his daughters were among nine people killed Sunday morning when his helicopter crashed into a hillside in Calabasas, California.

Bryant, 41, and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Maria Onore Bryant had been expected at the Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks for a basketball game scheduled for Sunday. Gianna was expected to play in the game and Bryant was expected to coach, according to Lady Mavericks team director Evelyn Morales.

The helicopter crash, about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, caused a brush fire, Los Angeles County Fire Department Chief Daryl Osby said. The crash killed all nine people aboard, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s

Here are few things about the great Mamba you do not know;

– For Basketball Fans: Kobe once missed a buzzer shot because of Camera Shutter lights from paparazzi all over the stadium facility. In the holidays after the end of seasons, Kobe stared at the sun 6 hours a day to get his eyes used to the damn bright lights so he never misses a shot because of paparazzi camera shutter lights again.
(The man was a striver for excellence; my comment on this, he didn’t give a damn what it took, he went all out for it – the best)
Kobe once said, I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success, great things come with hard work and perseverance, no excuse..
(You can palpate the texture of the man’s heart from his quotes).

– Kobe had two songs during his career as a Basketball Legend you know. He did two songs in his earlier days of basketball – Brian McKnight featured Kobe in his song Hold me, Kobe featured Broady Boy on his self-titled release K.O.B.E. he was also featured by Destiny’s Child on their song “Secret Guest”.
Kobe had his fair share in rap; something he obviously liked.

– Kobe won an Oscar award: a poem he wrote was filmed, with the name “Dear Basketball”, which got an Oscar for him. Bryant described the movie as the timeline of his destiny; picking a dream you were so sure would come to pass, bringing it to pass, and then having to wake up to the reality of the dream, and having to move on from your rejoicing on the dream come true, to another one.

-In his final game, Kobe scored 60 points against the Utaz Jazz in 2016.That made him the oldest player to score 60 points; he did that at 37!

– Kobe was fractions away from becoming a Soccer Pro Star. Kobe grew up in Italy and was doing great at football and wanted to go pro until his parents whisked him to the States, where he found basketball. Kobe, when asked said if he was to choose between the two, he said he would go for what he was close to becoming in Italy.

Why do I feel Kobe could have become a Pro Soccer star player? Because Kobe was resilient with everything he did until his demise. Even Lebron James, NBA star and most celebrated in the league currently said of Kobe, ” I was in a camp Kobe visited at 15 and he said, “if you want greatness, there is no way to greatness, except hard work; you can’t put away the hard work”. Kobe had a chance to be good at everything because of this mind set.

-Kobe is bilingual speaks good Italian language with proper Italian accent.

Kobe had several quotes that tell you of his mindset. He is a go-getter. He once said, “everything negative, pressure, challenges…, are all an opportunity for me to rise”. This and many others tell you of his mindset.

– Kobe found his wife when he tried music for real (with Sony in 2020). Fans didn’t get the whole idea and it crumbled. But he found a wife, Vanessa, his back up singer.

From Magic Johnson a LA Laker legend too, “there is never gonna be another like Kobe Bryant”.
It’s just sad that Kobe died. President Trump says it’s a terrible news.

Basketball will always miss Kobe. We wished he stayed longer. Rest Great Mamba.

So young guys out there, you need some source of inspiration, some resilience and tenacity with the mind? Get Mamba Mentality (Kobe’s book) and stick with some Kobe Quotes for a while; “motivation go show sharply” – speaking Nigerian Pidgin English.

Kobe Bryant will forever be a source of inspiration to us.

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